Full Stack Developer; coding since 2008.
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nomy.HOME unlimited content, activity, & accounts µSaaS $20K
nomy.ERP unlimited information, materials, & cash µSaaS $40K
nomy.TUBE unlimited videos, playlists, & subscriptions µSaaS $0K
nomy.DESK unlimited plans, tasks, & clients µSaaS $0K
subvind source code + copyright removal License $60K

Mission Statement

To do the things that one wants to do. To explore areas of language, code, and blueprints. To work hard on things that need to be worked on. To challenge oneself to achieve greater. To fall asleep knowing that an impact was made. To become a fully autonomous full-stack developer, force multiplier, and beyond.

Software Agency

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Websites are like sail boats. They require a main haul or backend API. They require a main mast or frontend interface. When put together and under the right wind-conditions/user-interations your boat/project can successfully navigate to it's destination.
Say hello to underwind.solutions: where your project is not just another website; because we treat your project as if it were a high end yacht. We're not as expensive as you might think though, as we only charge per request. So no wind-under-you-sails/user-interactions then no movement/charge.

Therefore, the better user experience we create, the more user-interactions your website will get, thus the more profit we can both make.

A wind wind situation :)

kind regards,
underwind // subvind


Project Goals

0) a top full stack developer portfolio and website; plus code community.

1) an api server coded in nest.js that manages database records in PostgreSQL, event-driven microservices with RabbitMQ, and integrates well with 3rd party APIs like stripe for payments and mailgun for email. It plays well with our -nomy µSaaS Modules.

2) a product named homenomy with a frontend and backend that covers settings and configuration for an oganization as well as analytics and accounts plus it is the splash landing homepage for everything installed org wide.

3) a product named erpnomy with a frontend and backend that covers a business' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs such as orders and inventory management plus it is capable of hosting many catalogs of products behind many storefronts.

4) a product named tubenomy with a frontend and backend which has a dashboard for content creators plus it is capable of hosting many catalogs of videos behind many galleries.

5) a product named desknomy with a frontend and backend which has a client area or control panel for clients plus it is capable of handling many tasks behind many kanban boards.

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Target Audience

Someone who has a website or wants a website and wants to extend it to complement their business. They want their own catalog of products on their own website. They want their own catalog of youtube videos on their own website. They want to be able to do that and much more on their own website. Does this sound like you?


With ❤️ by Travis Burandt


If you are interested in hiring me for work you may contact me by email using my travis.burandt@gmail.com address. Please use the word "subvind" so it gets flagged as important.

What About

What is a subvind?
I started out with my full name "Travis Burandt" and found common letters between my first name and my last name. This happens to be the letters t, r, and a. So I removed those letters because they cancel out, similar to math where values get canceled out on opposite sides of the equal sign, I did the same. Such that I was left with the name "vis bund"; then I joined the two words together and formed a new word = subvind or underwind.

My Resume

My full resume is a bit elaborate and so here is a quick overview as to what my mindset has been on these past 20 years within the software development industry.
Travis Burandt
from to company position
checkout my full burandt.istrav.com/resume of work history
Oct. 2023 current us Root Sudo
Jul. 2023 current subvind Sr. Full Stack Developer
Mar. 2020 current isTrav Full Stack Developer
Jan. 2015 Dec. 2015 Staples Front-end Developer
Feb. 2014 Aug. 2014 Atomic Axis Angular Developer
Apr. 2013 Nov. 2013 Gritness Yii Developer
Mar. 2008 Apr. 2013 Hobby Web Enthusiast


If you were to go hire someone with a similar title you'd end up paying them around 120k a year. So it is calculated based on 40-60 hours a week of work at 10K a month. Therefore if it takes a single FSD working full time for 3 full months then the total effort or product is valued at 30k.

The decision to undertake copyright removal from our µSaaS products was made to create a more cohesive and white-label experience for our clients, allowing them to fully customize the software with their own organization's identity.


Licenses allow developers to run a fork of our subvind git codebase which grants full access to all our products. The binifit here is that developers get to use their own servers and modify the code as they see fit.


With names like subvind, erpnomy, and homenomy you will be sure to find what your looking for when searching with our unique keywords.

The suffix "-nomy" is derived from the Greek word "nomos," which means "law," "custom," or "management." When added to the end of a word, it forms nouns that typically refer to a system, science, or study of a particular subject or field. These words are often used to describe the principles, rules, or governance of that subject.


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